Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Is Wallpaper Back?

Every once in a while one of our lovely customers will excitedly exclaim “I need Wallpaper! Wallpaper is back!”. Such remarks not only excite us because hello, wallpaper is our life and we want to help everyone find the perfect adornment for their walls, but it’s also exciting because anyone telling you that you’re “in” is a pretty special feeling. It got us thinking though, has wallpaper ever really been out?
Trends come and go, but considering wallpaper has been our business year round for the last 30 years we have to be honest and say it’s never been “out” it’s just been updated the same way furniture gets updated through the decades. Even then, who’s to say that a Victorian print is out of date to someone who can’t wait to decorate their home with said print. I have to think that wallpaper being “back” really means that it’s been updated to appeal to the masses. And THAT is what really excites us! Wallpaper for every style, color preference, and budget? Yes please! So the next time someone tells you that wallpaper is back feel free to give them the lowdown that wallpaper is timeless or don’t say anything at all and revel in the beauty of your insider secrets. 
We’ve put together a mix of timeless and updated wallpaper options below:

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