Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Blush Pink, or Rose Quartz according to Pantone, is a trend that's here to stay as it's the color of the year! Pink is no longer synonymous with girly girls and Barbie fanatics. This muted tone can add color to an all white room without being overbearing. Our favorite way to style blush pink is by adding pops of emerald green into the mix with luscious textures and patterns as well as rattan pieces here and there for some boho flair. Also, adding an element of nature with a cactus or fern will help make the room feel even warmer. Not sure you want to commit to a piece of rosy furniture? Try some accent pieces first like a candy dish or candle and work your way up to some cozy sheets or bed spread. Do you just love love love Rose Quartz and can't wait to fill your space with it? Checkout some of these blush interiors below and stop into the shop to see some blush and accent wall coverings in person. We'll even order some samples for you!

Photo: The Glam Pad

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