Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wallpaper Wednesday: Trellis Style

Trellis pattern wallpaper is a mainstay here in Palm Beach and the locals can't get enough of it! Trellis patterns are versatile and come in every color variation you can think of from metallic to subtle whites and grays. Trellis design options are so endless that you can practically decorate any room with it.  We've rounded up our favorite trellis embellished interiors to show you just how diverse this design is. 

Photo via: Rue Daily

Photo via: Ali Budd Interiors

Photo via: Thibaut
Photo via: Scandinavian Chic

Photo via: Home Brunch

Feel free to pop into Chelsea Lane & Co and see our favorite Trellis wall coverings. We'll even order some samples for you so you can see how it looks in your home. If you're not a local you can shop our library online below:

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