Friday, April 22, 2016

3 Ways to Be More In Tune with Nature (or Fake it)

In honor of Earth Day, we'd like to share our tips for incorporating nature into your home. 

1. Plants
Adding real plants to your decor will liven up white walls with pops of color througout.  Being a plant parent has it's commitments though, so our next options are a little more low maintenance.

Photo via: Design Sponge

2. Art
If you have a black thumb like me it may be time to start collecting some plant art. Once you're surrounded by faux greenery for some time you may decide to take the leap and by yourself a real plant friend. Tip: Start with a cactus for low maintenance watering.

Our favorite botanical artist, Jenny from Living Pattern, has great a great selection of hand painted prints:

3. Wallpaper
Use wallpaper to take your wall art to the next level. Wall coverings are bold and add fun dimensions. 

Photo via: Archana.Nl

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