Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wallpaper Wednesday: Animal Prints

I bet the first thing that probably came to your mind when you saw the title was the typical leopard spots or zebra stripes. Well, today we're talking about actual shapes of animals, not just their prints.

One of our favorite companies that specialize in these animal printed wallpapers is Abnormals Anonymous. They have tons of quirky designs and we just can't get enough. They're great for any room in the house, especially kids rooms. 

They were even kind enough to answer some questions for us to share with you all. We spoke with Lauren and here's what she had to say...

Chelsea Lane & Co: How did you get into the wallpaper business?
Abnormals Anonymous: My husband and I met and quickly found out our mutual passion for wanting to start a wallpaper company. Both of us have backgrounds in design [me in interior design, and he in production design] and had used wallpaper in many projects through the years. We decided to go for it and worked for a couple years on designs and colors and launched in Fall of 2013. 

CL&Co: What inspires your designs?
AA: We live on the water on an island in Washington State and are very inspired by nature and earth’s creatures. There is definitely a nod to nautical as we are a boating family and spend a lot of time during the summer’s exploring.

CL&Co: Where does the name "Abnormals Anonymous" come from?
AA: It was originally a book title from the 1950’s. We had a family member starting a business of selling posters of unique vintage book covers and just fell in love with the name. We feel like it’s it’s very intriguing and gets people wondering...

CL&Co: Have you always been into wallpapers?
AA: Yes, we have both always loved wallpapers. With backgrounds in designing with wallpaper and selling wallpaper to other designers, we both know how much it can transform a space and so much personality.

CL&Co: Do you plan on expanding into more than just wallpaper?
AA: Yes! We are slowly working on developing some of our patterns in fabrics and have some other ideas for home goods in the future.

Photo via: Abnormals Anonymous | Emily Henderson

Photo via: Abnormals Anonymous 

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