Friday, January 8, 2016

Wallpaper isn't Just for Your Walls!

Believe it or not, wallpapers aren't only used for your walls. They can actually be used wherever you want, after all, you paid for it! We've found a few of our favorite ways to use wallpaper other than the typical. Next time you're looking to give your space or furniture a new look, use cute wallpapers. 

1. Ceilings: If covering an entire room in wallpaper is too much commitment, an unconventional way to consider is doing just your ceiling. Depending on which paper you choose, it can be the perfect attention-grabbing element to your room. 

 Photo via: Home Adore

2. Shelves & Bookcases: If you're looking to spice up the back of a bookcase or shelf, why not add wallpaper? Rather than going the traditional route by painting, put a bright color or print wallpaper up and you're good to go.

Photo via: Turquoise 

3. Furniture: A great way to update old furniture is to add some wallpaper to make them look brand new again. It's also great for adding a statement piece to the room it's in.

Photo via: bhg

4. Miscellaneous: Other ways to use wallpaper can be putting them on random things around the house. For example, if you want to add a little pattern to your workstation, putting wallpaper on something as simple as clipboards or storage containers works great. It easily transforms the whole space.

Photo via: Martha Stewart

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