Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Let the Christmas Decorating Begin!

We hope you're just as excited about Christmas as we are! To bring in the holiday spirit, we've got some new items that will surely make your holiday decorating full of laughter. Each piece has a funny quote and they range from wooden postcards to box signs and many more. These are great for decorating your own space and even for gift giving. 

We have some available online, but don't forget to check these out in our boutique as well.

As a bonus, we also have a few tips for decorating this holiday season, so stay tuned until the end!

Decorating tips:

1Pick a Theme and Stick To It

This way everything looks more polished and cohesive. Holiday decorations tend to be very flashy and festive on their own; rather than overwhelming your space with a little bit of everything, choose a theme to center all your decorating around.

Photo from Honey We're Home

2Save Money with DIYs

Not only are DIYs a great way to bond over the holidays, they're also fun to make and help save money as well!

DIY Gold Leaf Christmas Tree
Photo from Consumer Crafts

DIY Ornament Wreath 
Photo from Matt & Becky

3Have Fun!

This season is all about having a good time and being with friends and family. Don't get too stressed out about decorating and forget what the holidays are all about. Have fun with your decorating and everything will turn out great!

Happy decorating!

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