Friday, December 4, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

We’re getting in the holiday spirit here at CL&Co and we’ve put together our very own gift guide for those special ones in your lives. We’ll be posting three separate gift guides: for her, for the alchemist, and stocking stuffers. Then, we'll break those down into specific categories as well.  You don’t want to be labeled the lame gift giver this year, so be sure to keep up to find the presents everyone will love! 

Starting things off with the ladies in your life, or yourselves, we've put together gifts for the Fashionista, the Decor Enthusiast, and the Foodie. As usual, all products listed can be found in our West Palm Beach boutique so stop by to check them out. 

Good luck and happy gifting! 

The Fashionista:

1. Striped Dress, $31.50: If you're looking to buy her a clothing item, a loose dress is a great option; they're comfortable and look great on everyone. 

2. Bow Necklaces, $9 each: Jewelry is always a winner in a Fashionista's book. Whether she likes gold or silver this necklace will complement any look.

3. Sunglasses, $12: These chic shades are perfect for blocking those sun rays and they come in a variety of different colors. 

4. Hat, $11: During the fall season hats are an absolute staple and can go with tons of outfits. 

5. The Mood Guide to Fabric & Fashion, $27.50: Fashionista's are always looking for ways to get inspired and this book does just that.

The Decor Enthusiast:

1. Wooden Storage Box, $35: Storage boxes are a staple and this one is cool because it adds a rustic feel to any table. You could even fill it with little items for a sweet surprise. 

2. Decorative Candle, $24: Whether it be for just decoration or for actual use, everyone loves unique candles.  

3. Succulent/Candle Holders, $4.99: Gift a succulent in one of these adorable holders to someone who loves eco-inspired pieces. 

4. Inspiring Sign, $15: Signs with inspiring or encouraging words are great gifts, and whenever they see it they'll be reminded of you. 

5. Earring Holder, $15: Jewelry displays are a huge trend and look great in any space. 

6. Coffee Table Book, $40: Books with interesting covers draw attention and look great on display.

The Foodie:

1. Cookbooks, $19.95 & $29.95:  What's a chef without cookbooks? Give the food lovers in your life inspiration on cool new dishes. 

2. Ceramic Bowls, $8: You can never go wrong with a set of new bowls. These unique bowls will surely be appreciated. 

3. Lacquered Bamboo Salad Servers, $16.50: You don't come across salad servers like these very often, so why not get them for someone who'll love them?

4. Serving Tray $20: This serving tray is perfect for hosting or even for just keeping on display.

5. Mugs & Plates, $25 for 4 & $20 for 9: Someone into minimalistic decorating will love these simple white mugs and plates.

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