Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: The Alchemist

It isn't the holiday season without at least a little alcohol involved, so these next gifts are for those alcohol chemists in your life. Regardless if they're occasional drinkers or aspiring bartenders, these are great gifts for anybody. 

Of course, preferences vary from person to person, but we've broken it down into two categories. These include the Perfect Ladies Day which is more of a tropical pool day theme and the Ultimate Guys Night which has a poker theme. 

Whether it be as casual as beer or as fancy as a martini, we've got the perfect gifts for those drinkers in your life.

The Perfect Ladies Day

1. Mermaids & Beach Signs, $12 & $13: These humorous signs will surely put a smile on someone's face.

2. Cork Coasters, $12: Coasters are essential, and these have cute shell designs on them.

3. Bottle Toppers, $15: Wine drinkers will love these adorable starfish toppers, plues they're way better than corks.

4. Shaker, $15: This is the perfect gift for someone who'd like to experiment with mixing drinks. 

5. Turtle Bottle Opener, $15: Replace their old bottle opener with this adorable turtle one. 

6. Prisma Mirror/Tray, $98: This mirror can also be used as a tray for those who love to host gatherings.

The Ultimate Guys Night

1. Poker Hands, $5: This poker book has great tips & how-to's, perfect for gamers. 

2. Beer Lovers Towels, $45: Any avid beer drinker would love this towel set. 

3. Whiskey Book, $19.95: Who wouldn't want to learn more about their favorite drink? 

4. Beer Bites Book, $24.95: It doesn't get any better than beer and food.

5. Bowl, $12: The perfect snack bowl for those game nights. 

Be on the lookout for our stocking stuffers gift guide coming soon! 

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