Friday, December 18, 2015

Feature Friday: Alexandra Gioia Jewelry

Welcome back for a new Feature Friday! We hope you're enjoying learning about some of the growing brands we have in store because we're back for another one. Switching gears a bit, today is all about jewelry, and our featured brand of the day is Alexandra Gioia Jewelry. This company offers handcrafted jewelry and is based right here in south Florida. Owner Alexandra Gioia started this company in 2012 designing jewelry for her family and friends and it has taken off ever since.

With the holidays coming up, these unique pieces are the perfect gifts for yourself or even a special lady in your life. Don't forget this brand can be found in our West Palm Beach boutique, so stop by and check it out!

Photo from Instagram

Chelsea Lane & Company: What is your favorite part about making jewelry?
Alexandra Gioia: It’s really special to be part of a gift giving experience. I was recently tagged in an Instagram photo of a woman in bed opening up her birthday gifts surrounded by her kiddos. She was so excited about her new AG bracelets and I thought wow something I designed is bringing someone else happiness. It was so sweet!

CL&Co: Why did you decide to get into the jewelry business?
AG: Designing jewelry started as a simple hobby and I had no plans to ever turn it into a business. Once I saw just how many pieces I was selling in my small office of OK, shopaholic co-workers, I wanted to open it up to others and created an Etsy shop. From there, the line has really evolved and turned into more than I ever imagined. I love being able to express myself creatively. The process isn’t always pretty and I’ve designed some pretty questionable things, but it always leads me to a design that I end up loving.

CL&Co: Do you have a signature/favorite piece?
AG: Our Arrowhead Necklace is part of my daily accessory wardrobe. Their versatility is great – I can wear the Rosewood with a simple tee and jeans and the Dragon Vein with a dressier outfit. Both are office and night out appropriate!

CL&Co: What is one of your biggest accomplishments as a business owner?
AG: By day I do the marketing for an amazing organization and a big part of that includes website management. This made it especially rewarding when I launched a website of my very own, It was so much fun being able to make all the decisions on the design and photography. I called upon my very talented photographer friends to bring my vision to life!

CL&Co: Where do you see your company in 5 years?
AG: I would love to expand into other parts of the US and welcome new retailers to carry my line. Right now I'm a one-woman show doing everything from the jewelry design, to handling the customer service aspect, to social media marketing and packaging every single order that comes through (which I am so thankful for, btw!). I hope to one day have a couple employees which would allow me more time to design and market AG. My small business has opened so many doors for me and I just want to see it grow and continue to evolve!

Photo from Instagram

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