Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wallpaper Wednesday: Fall Edition Pt. 1

As you may already know, wallpaper is sort of a big deal here at Chelsea Lane & Company. Now, before you get taken back by the word wallpaper, don’t think of it as your grandma’s floral covered walls (unless that’s what you’re into). Instead, think of it as an easy way to add cool illusions, prints and textures to your walls without the hassle of paint.

Similar our previous post, Feature Friday, every few Wednesdays we’ll be showcasing some of our favorite wallpapers that we recommend. For this edition of Wallpaper Wednesday, we show you some our customers' favorites for this season.

Fall is in full effect, so that means all the trends have officially come into play. Of course like everything else, there are different trends for fall in the wallpaper category as well. Although wallpapers are kept for years and years to come, there are a few that people usually like to buy during this time. Today we’ll cover some of our best sellers and then stay tuned for the rest of our picks in a couple weeks!

1. Geometric

(Yacht Club: Large Geometric)

(Cole & Son: Hick's Hexagon 1 & 2)

  • These prints add a modern feel to any room and can range from the simplest to the most intricate designs.

2. Texture

(Teal Grasscloth)

  • Textures add a 3-dimensional effect to a room and not to mention they're also fun to touch!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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