Friday, November 13, 2015

Feature Friday: Buck Naked

We’re back again for another Feature Friday! Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about the Local Brand because it’s time for another featured company. This time around we’re talking skin care, and not just any skin care either.

The Buck Naked Soap Company has been around since 2013 and specializes in all natural, vegan beauty products. With the wave of a more natural and healthy way of living, these products are perfect for everyone. Be sure to stop by our West Palm Beach boutique to check out some of the products!

So we sat down with owner Rina and here’s what she had to say about her company.

Chelsea Lane & Company: Where did the name “Buck Naked” come from?
Buck Naked Soap Company: When we started our company we intentionally made all natural, vegan products. When we crafted our name we wanted it to be unique and fun while illustrating our values. From this, the name was born!

CL&Co: How important do you think using natural skincare products are?
BN: We believe using natural skin care is very important. Daily, we are bombarded by environmental pollutants. In most cases we don't have control over these toxins. By using natural skincare products, it's nice to know we have some control over what you put onto and into your body. On average, it takes 26 seconds for something to be absorbed by your skin and transfer to the blood stream. Also, on average, we use 20 different products on our bodies each day. This leads to potentially hundreds of chemicals leaching into your blood stream before you've had your first cup of coffee. Many of these chemicals have undesirable characteristics ranging from carcinogens to endocrine disrupters. By using natural skincare products, your body absorbs the essential fatty acids, mineral and proteins within the ingredients, and they help guard your skin rather than stripping it, making your skin less vulnerable to the environment around you. 

CL&Co: Do you plan on expanding into more than just skin and haircare?
BN: We will mostly stay within the realm of cosmetics. However, we love animals and believe they too need a little natural loving so we've developed a dog care line called Bark Naked. And because our clothes and linens touch our bodies too, are looking at developing a laundry soap!

CL&Co: Are you working on anything special for the holidays?
BN: While we don't have a specific 'holiday' line, we are launching flavored lip butters and lip scrubs for those kissable moments you want to ready your pucker for. 

CL&Co: Where do you see your company in 5 years?
BN: Five years from now, we like to have our products across Canada and the US in beautiful boutiques with a loyal clientele as well as in a few national luxury retailers with a like-minded vision of luxury for less. This said, we like to create moments and experiences with our products, not use utilitarian pieces of soap, so these local boutiques with rustic charm and local appeal is where we want to be!

Stay tuned for more Feature Fridays!

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