Friday, June 28, 2013

Fantastic Fabric Fridays

Welcome to Fantastic Fabric Fridays!
Every Friday we will show you fabrics that have been featured in design magazines such as Tradition Home and House Beautiful.

The navy pillows on the couch are from Brunschwig & Fils and can be purchased HERE.
The lighter pillows in the slate color are from GROUNDWORKS and can be purchased HERE.
The fun geometric pillow in the center is also from GROUNDWORKS. This fabric can be purchased HERE.
The beautiful drapery fabric is also by GROUNDWORKS and can be purchased HERE
The sofa and ottoman is Anna French and can be purchased through our showroom.
Come see us next Friday for more fabrics!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Abnormals Anonymous

Abnormals Anonymous has some pretty amazing (and totally strange) wallpaper that we fell in love with! Take a look for yourself!



You can purchase these wallpapers

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Interview with Angela Reynolds

We got the pleasure to sit and chat with the international interior designer,  Angela Reynolds!
Meet Angela, Owner of Angela Reynolds Designs.  
Angel Reynolds
Angela Reynolds DesignsChelsea Lane: "How long have you been an interior designer?”
Angela Reynolds: “I have been a designer for 18 years. I slowed down for a few years and worked part time to move back to the US and start a family.”

C.L.: “How did you end up doing this? Is it something you always knew you wanted to do?”

A.R.:  “I was in college getting a degree in Art History with the hopes of being in the art world. I worked part time for a Portuguese company who made the most exquisite custom tassels and trimmings. I would work with the top design firms around the country custom blending the color threads to create a unique trim for their projects. The owner of the company who is British, Marion Smith, became my mentor. She encouraged me to go to design school in London and that became my path to my career and life. She was instrumental to the trajectory of my life.”

C.L.: “What is your all-time favorite project you have ever worked on?”

A.R.: “The project I am working on now. It is a great budget, modern, “beachy” and a soft cool color palette. It is refreshing to have a client that is in sync with my aesthetic. I believe you have to give the client THEIR STYLE with your skill and twist of aesthetic. So often I am designing a variety of different styles at the same time. Every now and then I get a client with the same style and it is magic. Not to mention, this project we all refer to as "The Happy Place" because the client, architect, contractor and my team all work so well together.”

C.L. : “They say people either love or hate wallpaper. Do you love it or hate it?”

A.R.: “I LOVE Wallpaper.”

C.L.: “What areas of the house do you feel NEED wallpaper?”

A.R. “Any and every room works great for paper.”

C.L.: “What is your favorite wallpaper brand or pattern?”

A.R.: “I prefer a paper that has texture and is simple. It is an added layer to a room that gives dimension and warmth. I love grass cloth and linen lined walls. My most used brands are; Phillip Jeffries for Grass cloth and Elitis for their modern design approach to covering a wall.”

C.L. “We love grass cloth too! Where do you feel is the best place or best style to use a textured paper like that?”

A.R.: “Any room and any piece of furniture. I am using it everywhere right now.”

C.L.: “There is this big rave about foil wallpaper again, how do you feel about that returning?”

A.R.:  “I love Elitis’ new foil with color over it. It is a softer approach.”

C.L. “OK, enough about wallpaper.. We want to know how you do it all!!? How do you run a busy design firm, take care of the kids and still have a social life?”

A.R.:  “Attitude is everything!! I focus on my positive attitude and it attracts all the right clients, situations and people. Also, I work from home and I consider it the ultimate luxury. I had an office and the travel time just eats my day away. I love putting the kids to bed and going to an empty office to really focus without any phone calls, staff or emails to respond to.”

C.L.: “If you could choose any career you wanted to, would you still be a fabulous designer?”

A.R.: “Absolutely, I am blessed to do what I do. I love it and could not imagine any other career. It is demanding and stressful so in the back of my mind I fantasize about retiring later in life and becoming a florist. I love flowers and often donate flower arrangements to charities for their events. Everyone in my office helps out and we enjoy the instant gratification. Sometimes we work on a project that takes 2-3 years to complete and you have to have amazing patience to work through the end stages to a completed project. So every now and then, A flower arrangement fulfills our need for instant gratification.”

You can learn more about Angela and see more of her work on her website.