Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hide Wallpaper

Have you picked up your recent issue of House Beautiful? If you did I bet you noticed this amazing bedroom! They covered the walls with the beautiful "Natives" pattern from Elitis.  The Natives line is a collection of patchwork hides which are larger than life. An amazing print with raised animal hair. Colt, zebra, cow and tattooed skins in sleek shades; “fashionable” and natural.  Get a sample or place an order today!


Who loves a chevron pattern?

Who loves a chevron pattern?
I'm pretty sure you just jumped up and down screaming "I DO!! I DO!!". Everyone loves a fun chevron pattern but some of us just don't have the right areas in our homes to put it. This VillaNova chevron pattern is nice and subtle. The colors are great because they aren't big and bold and in your face like most chevron patterns. Just wanted to share this beautiful wallpaper with you! You can now order samples and rolls on our site. Enjoy! Browse or purchase here!

chevron wallpaper

Wallpaper by Wendy Chevron wallpaper

Monday, May 13, 2013

Elitis Wallpaper

We are absolutely obsessed with the new collection from Elitis!
We have uploaded one book on our site now and hopefully the other books will be up by the end of this week.
Their Kandy collection is so elegant and the price is just right. The material looks and almost feels like silk but it is actually vinyl! (so it is completely scrubbable/washable) Check the line out on our site by searching "Elitis". www.wallpaperbywendy.com

Friday, May 10, 2013

Is that Cole & Son?

The modern geometric Hicks pattern from Cole & Son is extremally popular. The price however makes it hard for people on a small budget to get this look. The retail price is $176.00 a double roll (or 11 yards).
Tres Tintas' new HIT collection is starting to cover walls faster than you can say "Is that Cole & Son.". Their new Hexagon line is HALF the price of the Cole & Son Hicks pattern but just as good.
Check it out on our site. www.wallpaperbywendy.com You can compare all of the Hicks and Hexagon patterns and colors. Let us know what you think.
Can you guess which pattern is Cole & Son and which pattern is Tres Tintas?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wallpapers featured on House Beautiful Magazine

Open up any design magazine and you are going to see tons of wallpapers! Here is a page from House Beautiful with tons of beautiful "birds & boughs". Click on our website to order samples of any of these papers. Www.wallpaperbywendy.com