Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Blush Pink, or Rose Quartz according to Pantone, is a trend that's here to stay as it's the color of the year! Pink is no longer synonymous with girly girls and Barbie fanatics. This muted tone can add color to an all white room without being overbearing. Our favorite way to style blush pink is by adding pops of emerald green into the mix with luscious textures and patterns as well as rattan pieces here and there for some boho flair. Also, adding an element of nature with a cactus or fern will help make the room feel even warmer. Not sure you want to commit to a piece of rosy furniture? Try some accent pieces first like a candy dish or candle and work your way up to some cozy sheets or bed spread. Do you just love love love Rose Quartz and can't wait to fill your space with it? Checkout some of these blush interiors below and stop into the shop to see some blush and accent wall coverings in person. We'll even order some samples for you!

Photo: The Glam Pad

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

10 of Our Favorite Wallpapers for Your Home this Summer

Did somebody turn up the heat? Living in the tropics means lots of indoor activities during the week to keep cool. Don't get me wrong. We have our fun in the sun, but that's generally reserved for the weekend when our legs and shoulders are bare. Summers in Palm Beach means the A/C is cranked way down low and ceiling fans are on their highest setting. Going outside to even check the mail means you have to take a second shower for the day and reapply your make up. The struggle is real. We're showcasing our top 10 favorite wall coverings to bring the outside in while keeping you cool (see what I did there?). The best part about installing one of these gems in your dwelling is feeling like summer all year round even if you don't live in the smoldering tropics.

1. Bright Palm Leaves

2. Dark Palm Leaves

3. Ship lap Wallpaper

4. Crystal Inspired

 5. Under the sea

6. Flamingos

7. Abstract Ocean Murals

8. Traditional Palm Leaves with a Pop of Color

9. Bamboo Trellis

10. Ocean Hues with Geometric Patterns

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Designer Spotlight: Phillip Jeffries

When it comes to high end grass cloth wallpaper, Phillip Jeffries is always a fan favorite. This family owned company began making wallpaper in 1975 and have grown their business into a household name. Phillip Jeffries is a leader in the wallpaper industry and here at Chelsea Lane & Co, we get daily inquiries from our customers to view their collections.  They carry a broad range of designs from masculine leather to a more earthy raffia. In addition to real grass cloth and silk wall coverings, Phillip Jeffries carries a washable/scrubbable vinyl collection made for high traffic areas like bathrooms and hallways so you never have to worry about ruining a gorgeous installation. We recently spotted our favorite PJ rivets in Sol and Roberts bedroom on season 2 of the Netflix original Grace & Frankie and we practically squealed with excitement! Phillip Jeffries is a name that is synonymous with style and elegance and we highly recommend them. Take a peek at some beautiful installations below and contact us for samples.

We're not sure if this is a Phillip Jeffries grass cloth on set, but it sure looks like it!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

On Trend: Palm Leaves

Classic Palm Beach palm leaves have officially taken over mainstream design and we couldn't be more thrilled. For us South Florida natives, tropical decor is the norm around these parts, but there's something about a large banana leaf that can take a simple room in any part of the world to next level chic. We are currently displaying our favorite Brazilliance wallpaper in our showroom dressing room at Chelsea Lane & Co. for our your viewing pleasure so come in and see what it looks like in person!

palm leaf wallpaper

  Photo Credit: The Every Girl

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Photo Credit: Brit + Co

Palm Leaves make really great accents too so if you're looking to liven up your rental and can't install wallpaper a lot of these same prints come in fabrics and adorable home wares.

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

If you're looking to incorporate palm leaves into your home on a smaller scale then 
you should check out these paper goods by Emily Gillis

and these invitations by Echo Letterpress!

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Color Inspiration: Purple

Wine, amethyst, and Prince. These are just a few things that come to mind when we think of the color purple and I have to say it brings a smile to our faces here at Chelsea Lane & Co. Purple is so rarely found in nature that when it's encountered it must be given a second look. Did you know that purple is the color of royalty and it used to be so expensive that only the world's rulers could afford it? Make your home a little more regal this year by incorporating purple into your decor. Here are some really fun ways to incorporate different shades of purple into your home!

Photo via: Style at Home

Photo via: Teen Vogue
Photo via: The Glitter Guide

Photo via: A Kailo Chic Life

Photo via: Mandarina Studio

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