Monday, April 14, 2014


I have shared some front door inspiration with you. (of course most of them are in the teal family. I couldn't help myself) Enjoy!
This was found one day searching Etsy. This shop has great door decor!
Check them out. 4HeartsDecor

This door was found on A Soft Place. This link actually shows you
how to make the hanging hydrangea basket. Cute!
Between your ears blog This is a post of photos of doors taken by her when she
went to Savannah!
                                 LeenTheGraphicsQueen Another Etsy store that sells door decor!

CreateitGo Etsy shop

Monday, March 17, 2014

Pinch me!

Don't forget to wear your green today!

What better day to post about green walls than on St. Patrick's Day!

We wanted to share some green inspiration with you.

We installed this green Romo geometric wallpaper in Austin, TX last year.
Love the boldness of this paper! The white helps break up the color so it isn't too "in your face".

    This darker green trellis gives a more sophisticated look. The designer did a great job working with the headboard, lamp shade and other little accents around the room.

green velvet headboard // Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis wallpaper // modern, white lacquer side table

If wallpapering an entire wall gives your anxiety you could try doing the back of bookcases or other insets throughout your home. Like this hutch here. The green and white geometric wallpaper plays as a great back drop for the all white plates.


We love this funky color combination of green and orange. Not an easy thing to pull off but they did it beautifully here. 

Katie Rosenfeld Design - girl's rooms - green, table, orange, slipcover, club, chair, orange, pillow, zebra, rug, small, gold, sunburst, mirror, orange, green, bedding, green, faux bamboo, bench, green and orange girls room, green and orange girls bedroom,

These are just a few inspirational photos we found. If you have a beautiful green room we would love to see it! Share your pictures with us! 

Thursday, November 14, 2013


If you are on social media at all, I am sure you have seen all the November gratitude posts. On that note, I must say I am grateful for all the beautiful wallpapers we are carrying right now.

Of course, we have SILVER TRELLIS!! Two of the hottest trends in wallpaper together!!!
And the bold black and white look is getting more popular every day! 
The new grasscloths have so many BEAUTIFUL patterns!
But then I saw this one, and I thought "I have got to have IT"!!
Current trends are definitely pointing towards a strong geometric presence.  Maybe we are all looking for some order.  Regardless of what you are looking for, make sure you check out our website, I am sure you will find some papers that will suit your tastes.  Happy Thanksgiving!!


Monday, November 4, 2013

A passion for pink

Back in May, Traditional Home did a little blurb about pink. They mentioned some great fabrics and wallcovering, along with some furniture and paint colors! We have, of course, shared their findings with you since you can purchase any of these things from our showroom.
Some people see the color pink and automatically think of little girls; ribbons and bows. Some of us "adults" still enjoy the color pink because it is playful and sweet.  There are so many ways to incorporate pink into your home in a mature and sophisticated way.
Think about maybe adding a touch of pink to your dining room to make the space feel a little more fun and relaxing. However, be cautious at the amount of pink you are using, you don't want to overwhelm the guests or of course yourself.
Some "Don't do" tips:
Watch what colors your are pairing pink with.
You don't want to put pink with blues or purples, it could give off a busy "circus" feeling.
First the paint colors selected were great. We have had a few furniture pieces done in a high gloss lacquer finish in our paint shop using Fine Paints of Europe. F.P.E. color matched the 'Cactus Flower' finish on a dresser. (Yes, the dresser went in a little girls room)   I wish I had a picture to show you!! It came out stunning. The lacquered finish makes such a difference and adds such class to any piece.
Here are some of the other colors T.H. mentioned.
There are so many amazing pink fabrics from all over. Here are some T.H. picked out. We have selected a few more for you as well. Fabrics are another great way to add a little pop of pink into a space. For example, the gray craze that is so popular right now. Imagine a beautiful gray wall with some light pink drapes, pink rug and some pink accents! Ahh-mazing.
love the pink and gray



Here are some wallpapers we are in love with.  Do you like the stripe? 
Do you like the "fancy frames"?

How about elephants?

Trellis is so popular now!!
Love this one too!
This subtle heart is gorgeous !

You can't go wrong with a classic!

Love the flowers!
And this Nina Campbell is available at our showroom, call for pricing.



Monday, October 28, 2013

When I need inspiration, I turn to fashion.  Color ways that come into style for interior design also usually invade fashion design too.  It was great fun this fall when my Instagram would have numerous new postings from all the designers and fashion bloggers I follow that were attending the Spring/Summer shows.  One particular post that motivated me was these sandals

When I see these Dolce and Gabbana sandals, I think of these grasscloths:

Do you like this one?

Or, I think of fabrics like this one,
and I love this one!

So what motivates you?  Leave a comment below and maybe we'll write about it!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Blue and White Trend, the LBD of the Interior Design

Can you get enough of the hot Blue and White trend????  I know I can't.  Ready to redo my whole interior with the blue and white scheme.  What I love about this trend is that it really is not a trend.  It is always in, just in different incarnations, you can go animal, nautical, oriental, or geometric  This week we are picking some of our favorite papers that will accent the blue and white way of life.  Enjoy them here



Thursday, October 3, 2013

Contrasting Textures

Achieving a visually interesting room can easily be accomplished by mixing textures.  When you have contrasting textures, the attributes of each surface stand out more.  Check out this picture


You can feel the fiber of the grasscloth in your hand and sense the softness of the linens at the same time.  The lightness of the linens juxtaposes the shiny hard surface of the nightstand.

 The designer also mixed high end fabrics for a custom headboard and window treatment but then used a nightstand from Ikea. No one would ever notice because they are too busy admiring all the beautiful furnishings.  Find these and similar designs here